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Social Media at Wartime

Social media creates opportunities for news dissemination, pluralised voices in reportage and extended audience reach of the war context. They are are even changing the character of war, enabling a form of popular mobilization in both the invader and invaded Countries. Look at Ukraine war: the invasion take place across different pieces of social media, whether that's on TikTok, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram. And we're really seeing it kind of impact the war itself to a degree. In Ukraine social weapons are being exploited to the fullest: they challenge and ridicule enemies, show the world the determination of an entire people. Russian state media are replying that the war is an act to protect Ukrainians. Well, through social media we are getting information in Russia from Ukraine dispelling vice -versa. And as a result, we're seeing more protests throughout Russia.

Reporters must negotiate the complexities that fast, multi-medium and multi-sourced information create in terms of verification of information and contextualisation.

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