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ChatGPT: how to use the viral AI chatbot that everyone’s talking about

Have you ever dreamed of having an excellent consulting firm at your service for free? A team capable of giving you realistic and "intelligent" guidance on any question or doubt you may have regarding how to step forwards in your sector?

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), is the answer.

At the moment there are two versions of Chat GPT: the free version and a paid version called GChatGPT Plus ( that include the PT4 version).

It was invented by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research and development Company that launched it last November.

To date, it is the best tool imaginable, a software capable of understanding and processing human -like responses to a wide range of questions, processing a large body of data very quickly.

ChatGPT4 is capable of engaging in conversations on a variety of topics, including business, current events, science, history and more. It is designed to be highly scalable and can generate responses adapted to the specific context of the conversation, recognizing images and explaining photos and mimic the writing style of a real person by processing up to 25,000 words. It is used in several

applications, including chatbots, language translation in multiple languages, and the generation of varied text from social network posts to newspaper articles.

It is now open in waiting list to developers to create applications and services.

What do you think?

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